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The Early Years Training Hub, alongside The Big Initiative, provides free preventative online courses for young people aged eight and upwards on subjects such as gangs, knife crime, self-harm, and life skills.

Our courses are designed by experts and reviewed by young people. They empower young people to make better choices in life, in addition to enabling young people to pass on their new knowledge to their inner circle.

In addition to ground-breaking preventative online courses, you also have access to subsidised face to face sessions specifically for young people to attend.

Training and continuous professional development (CPD) is absolutely crucial. Not only can it help you to advance your knowledge, skills, and self-confidence, it can also increase the standards of care and learning you provide to the children in your setting. Additionally, it can support you to achieve your ambitions for career progression.

You can expect the below benefits once you have set up your free account

  • Free preventative young people online courses
  • Preventative group sessions for young people

Other benefits:

  • Early years and childminder group sessions
  • Early years and childminder open sessions
  • Free parental online courses
  • Free well-being online courses
  • Adult well-being group sessions delivered by leading well being practitioners
  • Free early years and childminder online courses
  • Access 215 additional CPD accredited early years and childminder courses covering all of your early years provision, specialist/SEND,teaching, learning and assessment, regulatory, health, safety, and leadership and management
  • Access early years and childminder open sessions
  • Access early years and childminder live streams
  • Free video library from leading practitioners
  • Access a dedicated parent forum