Imagine a place where you could access free training designed to look after your well-being, provide support for parents, and empower young people in subjects such as gangs, knife crime, and self-harm! Welcome to The Big Initiative!

The Big Initiative is a multi-agency project designed to empower adults and young people to live a fulfilled life and reach their potential.

It is the only dedicated platform that works hand-in-hand with leading practitioners to bring you free resources to ensure that you can access the support and guidance that you need in life.

The Big Initiative is all about helping you when help is needed. But equally as important to The Big Initiative is empowering you to help others.

The Big Initiative offers truly ground-breaking resources that will change your life! Sign up today.

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We want to empower you.
But we also want you to empower others.

The Big Initiative is a multi-agency collaboration between experts and leading practitioners working together to support and empower adults and young people. All of our experts and practitioners provide exceptional content free of charge and can be booked directly via our lead expert section, for any organisations who require face to face support.