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Inclusive Classrooms
Inclusive Classrooms

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Educational inclusion is about creating a secure, accepting, collaborating and stimulating setting in which everyone is valued, as the foundation for the highest achievement for all pupils. Inclusion in the 21st century is of paramount importance. Changing opinion of how best to support children with additional needs, a rich and diverse mobility from country to country, and the increasing diversity of the population of England means that inclusive education has never been more important.

This course will enable staff to fully understand what inclusion is, how it will make your classroom a richer environment and how to manage possible challenges.

The learning objectives for this course are as follows:

  1. To understand what inclusion is
  2. To know what our responsibilities are in relation to inclusion
  3. To be able to plan for effective inclusion in your setting
  4. To understand challenges surrounding inclusion and what we can do to overcome them

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