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Gangs and Group Offenders Young People
Gangs and Group Offenders Young People

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Gangs are a big problem in today’s society. According to Scotland Yard, there are 250 gangs in London alone! These gangs commit a large percentage of the crime that occurs in London. Because of how common gangs have become, young people need to know what being in a gang means and why someone might join a gang, as well as how to get out of one.

This course will look at the language of gangs and the people who are likely to join – as well as the signs of gang activity you can look out for. We will look at what happens in gangs, including the initiations, weapons, and girls in gangs.

In this course we will look at:

  1. What does the word “gang” mean? – The various definitions
  2. Why might you join a gang?
  3. The characteristics of gangs/offending groups
  4. What does “gang offending” mean?
  5. Girls in gangs
  6. Gangs, weapons, and violence
  7. Supporting networks

This course has been created by a leading expert on the subject. A panel of young people has reviewed the course to ensure it is young person friendly. Should you have any questions before, during, or after the course then please speak to a responsible adult.

Please always speak to your parent or guardian if you need further support, or if you need to speak about anything you’re worried about.

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